Suzi Wu // In London

The rising star guides us through her favourite parts of the city.

Jockstrap // In London

Why do you live in London? Because we got into music school in London! But I guess we chose London because that's where all the...

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Ahead of the release of their debut album next month, the trio reveal the best of the city.

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The Rhythm Method // In London

There's little doubt that 'Chin Up' contributed to England's dreamy World Cup run.

Matt Maltese // In London

Summer's finally about to happen, how much does that affect your time in London? "A lot. I actually want to leave my house and do things. It also allows for a lot park-time reflecting."

Charles Watson // In London

What's the worst thing about London? "Diesel fumes."

Goat Girl // In London

The city according to Clottie Cream.

Kate Nash // In London

"But honestly the thing I know is as soon as the plane hits the runway and I feel the UK under my feet and head into London I suddenly remember exactly who I am and I feel filled with purpose and confidence."

Chemtrails // In London

There's love for free live music, Hampstead Heath and the best Mexican food in this month's city guide.

Albert Gold // In London

This month's In London is brought to you by a chicken connoisseur.

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Ahead of her Mirrors festival show we ask Lomelda some fun questions.

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The ever brilliant Yumi Zouma break down how to get the best out of London.

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Swimming Tapes talk Voodoo Ray's, HMS Belfast and the M25 as part of this month's In London.

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With fantastic debut album Earl Grey under their belts, we find out Girl Ray's likes and dislikes about the city.

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With his debut album looming, Fake Laugh opens up about moving back to London and his favourite spots.

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Your Desperate Journalist guide to London, and home drinking advice, kindly provided by singer Jo Bevan

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