Polly Money // Interview

This week, DIY Pop upstart Polly Money released her debut EP, Trip2020.  It's a collection of songs that follow the highs & lows of...

Cookii // In Short

Bubblegum pop newcomer Cookii instantly captivated us with her debut single 'coca-cola' back in July and each new release has us even more hooked. Get to know her In Short.

Shiv // In Photos

As Shiv releases 'Hold Me' today, she takes us through a stunning visual diary of her time recording the EP in Southern Africa with her family.

Hollow Sinatra // In Five

From the lo-fi experimentalism of his previous LP to the hurtling rave dynamism of his recent tracks, Hollow Sinatra is an undeniably singular talent.

PROMIS3 // In Short

Listen to a mesmerising new single from the Belgian duo

Páula, Povoa & Jerge // In Five

Páula, Povoa & Jerge make euphoric, joyful, and mesmerising dance music that instantly transports you away to sunnier, warmer times. Get to know them In Five.

Lou Hayter // In Five

Lou Hayter's latest single 'My Baby Just Cares For Me' oozes infectious, slinky pop glamour. We caught up with her to talk five tracks that have influenced her.

George Gretton // In Short

We caught up with Nottingham's George Gretton after the release of his debut EP 'Floods'. The 5 track EP is self-written and self-produced, each...

Griffit Vigo // In Five

Ahead of releasing his new album I Am Gqom tomorrow, Durban Gqom pioneer Griffit Vigo shares five influential tracks. A nine-track project that sees Vigo further...

Sueuga Kamau // In Five

The latest release on Buenos Aires based collective and label Hiedrah Club de Baile, Sueuga Kamau's 1973 is out today. We caught up with...

Goss // Interview

Today, Danish artist Goss releases his debut album Group Therapy. This is an album which almost has been therapeutic by revealing his own personal...

Big Zuu // In Short

As Big Zuu teams up again with Capo Lee for searing new single 'Doing Alright' we caught up with him for a quick chat.

LORYN // In Short

As LORYN shares her luscious debut EP today, we caught up with her to talk Audrey Nuna, her worst job and Sunday roasts.

Hope Tala // Interview

With her Girl Eats Sun EP hot on the horizon, Hope Tala follows up her stunning single All My Girls Like To Fight with a captivating new track, Crazy. ...

Asha Imuno // In Five

With his debut album 'Good News' out today on b4, Asha Imuno shares five influential tracks.

Slow Pulp // In Short

With their debut album Moveys out now, we caught up with Slow Pulp's Emily Massey to talk tiny dogs in crocs, Zadie Smith, and quiche.

Sola // In Short

With her gloriously celestial and soulful EP Mami Wata out now, we caught up with Sola to talk Sade, Jollof rice, and book recommendations. Across Mami Wata Sola's...

Little Torment // In Five

With his new single 'Big Energy' out today, Little Torment shares five influential tracks.

Mai Kino // In Short

We catch up with Portuguese singer-songwriter Mai Kino in the wake of the release of her incredible debut EP 'Dopamine' produced by David Wrench...

Anna McClellan // In Short

With her breezy new single 'Raisin' just out we caught up with Anna McClellan to talk eggs, biking, and Chaka Khan.

Isola // In Five

With her debut EP out now on Godmode, Isola shares her current top five 'feel good' tracks, which we could definitely do with right now.