Mexican Summer – November 1st

Welsh singer-songwriter, Cate Le Bon and lead singer of Deerhunter, Bradford Cox first met during the recording of Myths 004 (the fourth in Brooklyn label, Mexican Summer’s Myths series which pairs exceptional artists together), not that anyone could tell from this wondrous EP. Filled with daring electronic experimentations, discordant horn sections, and monotone poetic lyrics, Myths 004 explores the pearls that can be found when spontaneity and improvisation take over, as heard on the jazz-punk ‘Companions in Misfortune’ and the lo-fi ‘What Is She Wearing’. On ‘Canto!’ a juddering beat and serene guitar riff bring a tropical lilt to the indie number. Myths 004 is an outstanding record that continues the innovative work of Le Bon and Cox, while keeping us guessing as to what comes next.

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