Tambourhinoceros – January 27th

Cancer’s debut album Totem, opens longingly, with a plea of, “Say you will love me again”, which sets a precedent for the album as a whole. It spans grief, loss and broken hearts, an album that is sparse but suitably intense. The Danish duo (comprised of When The Saints Go Machine’s Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Chorus Grant’s Kristian Finne Kristensen) marry minimalistic drumbeats under delicate guitar resulting in an ethereal, spontaneous sounding beauty that’s rare to find.

It’s a bittersweet record – songs like ‘Die One More Time’ and ‘Animals’ are intensely sad, and it’s hard to hear lines like “Let me kiss you again/And then in the most modern way I’ll die/What was I thinking?” without feeling like you’ve been punched in the heart. Cancer’s sound is sonically intriguing, with its clever drum riffs entwining and weaving their way around with affecting vocals and celestial-sounding guitar that allows every track to fit perfectly within its own place on the album.

Despite the overriding sorrow, Totem is the kind of instantly enchanting record that’s beautiful enough to let envelop you with its grief-stricken warmth when you’ve had a really shitty day.

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