Birthdays – 2nd February

“I don’t read the bible but my favourite part was when Moses parted the red seas,” Brooklyn’s Cakes Da Killa bellows at the crowd in the compact basement of Birthdays, Dalston. He immediately follows by dividing the room biblically into two halves and launching into his final song ‘Get Right (Get Wet)’, surrounded by his most adoring London fans. The set tonight has been a celebratory blend of old and new, and demonstrates that Cakes has lost none of his abilities to thaw cold East Londoners since the last time he was here a year ago.

The audience is set alight equally with newer bangers such as ‘New Phone (Who Dis)’ as well as fan favourites like ‘Goodie Goodies’. Though the sound at Birthdays sometimes feels like it could be a bit more forceful, Cakes brings the sass to make up for the occasional lack of decibels. It is impressive that he is able to whip such fury up without any kind of hype man on stage, but it is also unsurprising. Cakes seems to always do best when all eyes are on him.

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