Caitlyn Ebsworthy is our featured photographer this week! She’s one of our newest contributors and we’re very excited to haver her on board. As well as having a keen eye for live music photography, Caitlyn’s got such a positive attitude and is an absolute delight to work with – which is an equally important quality in an industry like this. Much like all of our wonderful photographers, her work speaks for itself. Below are her favourite shoots to date.

Bellah at Colours Hoxton, 2020 
‘Shooting Bellah was sick, she’s new to the scene as am I, so I was glad to be there to catch her set. The lighting was pretty dark so I wanted to take the time to compose the shots to get the best out of the lighting rather than just blast out a tone of photos.’
Chase Atlantic at Bristol SWX, 2019
‘Getting a pass for Chase Atlantic was so crazy, it was my first proper show and in a pit and the audience were so sick. To date this is my favourite show I’ve shot, I’m still finding photos I love from it now! Mitchel Cave took a moment to take it the crowd and I was in the perfect place in the pit to snap this. Forever stoked on this photo and the experience of this gig.’
Chelsea Cutler at Forum Kentish Town, 2019
‘I shot Chelsea Cutler opening for Lauv and really enjoyed the opportunity to shoot my first female artist. I found her set so chill and I tried to reflect that in the tones in the shots with the desaturated yellows, greens and pinks.’
Lauv at Forum Kentish Town, 2019
‘Honestly, getting a yes for a pass for Lauv was totally insane. So far he’s the biggest artist I’ve shot and I’m really stoked on the shots I got. I learnt a lot from the other photographers in the pit and enjoyed getting to shoot alongside fellow LiS contributor Odera Okoye (his photos are SO good, check him out!).’
Tayla Parx at Colours Hoxton, 2020 
‘My first shoot for London in Stereo! I found this shoot so challenging. First time not having the safety of a pit or stationary audience so trying to get the best out of the environment was difficult. Tayla was awesome though and to quote the song “High Hopes” that she wrote for Panic! at the Disco “don’t give up, it’s a little complicated” I managed to get some really cool shots and was so pleased to finally get a shoot in for London in Stereo and can’t wait to shoot more.’
‘I’m born and raised out of North Devon and travel up and down the country for shows. Since graduating with a BA in Film from Middlesex University London in 2018 I’ve moved into music photography and videography and have now been shooting for about a year. I started off shooting music videos for Broadway and West End actors and that sparked my interest in music photography so as much as I love shooting Alt, Pop, R&B, whatever! I still have a soft spot for showtunes and am grateful for the start it gave me.’
Caitlyn is readily and available to shoot shows/tours/festivals and would be excited to take on any shoots around the UK. If you’re interested in working with her, please get in touch through: