Renowned for their higher self memes, anthemic, queer art rap, and as “Instagram’s resident therapist” Bunny Michael’s creations intersect music, internet art, life advice and more. Ahead of them playing Club Mofo at Corsica Studios tonight, we caught up with Bunny Michael to find out about five tracks that have influenced them.
A truly inspirational and exuberant queer cult icon, Bunny Michael not only crafts incredibly infectious tracks that channel an empowering self-assurance and acceptance but also further embodies this through all of their varying projects, most recently with their higher self memes offering wholesome and sage advice. For their performance at the second of Club Mofo’s Sixteen Candles series (celebrating 16 years of Club Mofo) Bunny Michael brings an exclusive pep-talk and live performance, which is certainly not something to miss out on.

Get to know Bunny Michael In Five and catch their only UK date at Club Mofo tonight.

Bone Thugs n Harmony- East 1999

When I heard this record in the 6th grade it was right around the first time I started smoking pot. Me and my friends had these miniature bibles that Evangelical Christians would pass out to kids after school and we’d sit by the creek and try to roll joints with the papers.  I remember feeling so cool, so rebellious like there was a whole other world out there…Bone Thugs songs always seemed highly spiritual to me – their raps are so fast – they seemed to be channeling the lyrics from another dimension – where time is completely under their control. I loved how ominous the beats were- like they were happening from a basement in an old abandoned church. They were warm and inviting and at the same time dangerous and foreboding. All my songs now have a dark undertone that I totally credit to the influence Bone Thugs n Harmony had on me at such an impressionable age. Rest in Peace Easy E <3


Selena Quintanilla- Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Being a Selena Quintanilla fan is trending…but I love to brag that I’ve been singing her songs before mainstream white popularity and the Hollywood rendition of her tragic murder. I got to meet her actually in the 90s because my parents were Tejano concert producers and she performed at their events. Selena gave me and so many other Mexican Americans an optimism about being brown in Texas- that you can be a star by embracing your heritage rather than trying to fit in to Eurocentric beauty standards. I’d look at a Selena poster and think, maybe I can be a pop star?


Eartheater- Spill The Milk

Eartheater is one of those artists that is always surprising you. The moment you think, “ok I get this music”, she comes out with another album that totally blows your mind reminding you there is no limit to her creativity. She produces, sings, dances and if you have the pleasure of seeing her live – you’re in for a real treat. I’ve seen her on stage wielding a chainsaw so that will give you some idea. She is singing on a track of mine too on my last e.p. called Lazarus. We have both been performing in NYC for many years and like her the city gives me a grit to my music and shaped who I am as an artist. I stan Eartheater. This song is off her newest album, Trinity.


Denzel Curry- Bulls On Parade (Rage Against The Machine Cover)

I already liked Denzel Curry but when I saw this performance a year ago I was like fck yessss. Its everything I love because its that perfect mix of nostalgia and new energy. A powerful song about real issues is timeless. Political music will never die. And the way Denzel throws in his own rap, its just so great to me. How can we not be raging right now? I will never stop writing about breaking free of a system trying to prevent the rising of consciousness. And every time I see other artists doing it the world feels less isolating.


Tori Amos- Precious Things

I only listen to Tori Amos when no one else is around and remember how in high school I used to study every lyric on the CD jacket of Under The Pink and Boys For Pele..What did they mean? I wanted to unlock their code like Tori was sending me a personal message if only I could interpret it correctly. She wasn’t afraid to be dirty. I mean she was breast feeding a baby pig on her album cover for christ’s sake! And it made me feel less ashamed of who I was- a newly queer 15 year old rejected by my parents. These songs showed me how mysterious song lyrics can be; that you can talk about God without worshipping him, and not everyone needs to understand their meaning in order for them to be

Bunny Michael plays Club Mofo with Los Bitchos, Nuha Ruby Ra and more at Corsica Studios tonight. Tickets here.