Breakfast In Fur – Flyaway Garden // Album Review

91917Bar/None – out now

The debut album from this trio of New York pals is one of navigation. A dense and cinematic fizz of sounds keeping one foot rooted in the pastoral folk of their 2011 EP whilst pushing sonics in the direction of psychedelic melodies and engulfing texture. Jangly opener ‘Shape’ sets up a pacey dynamic, hiding the bruises of more subdued and claustrophobic tracks such as ‘Episode’. ‘Ghum’ and ‘Flyaway Garden’ swirl with ambient idiosyncrasies, dream­like interludes in the busy and incessant thrum of the city. ‘Setting Stone’ is a broody and soaring track whilst ‘Aurora Falls’ sparkles with nervous melody. There’s a tension to the sound, just like that in life, in its exploration of the place between agitated commotion and blissed-­out contentment, Flyaway Garden makes the blurry middle sound like a damn fine place to be.

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