BrawlersEPIf EPs were intended for experimentation then Brawlers might have missed the memo. Their latest release, The Black EP, feels like abolt-on of their debut album Romantic Errors of Our Youth. Although that’s not a bad thing; if you’re looking for full-throttled wallops of uncompromising pop-punk, then you’ve come to the right place.

Tracks such as ‘Day Job’ and ‘Growing Up’ fail to introduce anything we haven’t heard already from the foursome and at times the songs border on becoming frustratingly whiney – yes, even for pop-punk. That said, during ‘Do You Believe Me Now’, the band break down the fast-paced tempo and treat us to a few bendy guitar solos.

By the time we reach the final track ‘Better Looking’ the EP ends on a promising note, yet it always feels like Brawlers are on the edge of creating something so much more.