Brawlers – Romantic Errors Of Our Youth // Album Review

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If a record could sell itself in two words, I’m pretty sure “PAY ATTENTION” would be Brawlers’ sales pitch. Their debut album is a wonderfully-charged explosion of two-minute song smashes, full of frustrations regarding the opposite sex. Tracks such as ‘Drink & Dial’ lead you through an empathetic tale of how not to win the girl, but are delivered with heavy rhythm guitar and cymbal crashes to keep the punk-rock flair, rather than tailing off to something flatter. Amidst the constant oomph of energy you’ll find elements that are even more auspicious than you’d expect; including vocal stylings similar to the Smashing Pumpkins during ‘High Again’, and unexpected guitar head-banging spasms in ‘No Res’. If you’re looking for your new favourite punk band, then you’ve probably found them.

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Live: Underworld – May 6th