Brawlers // Nightmare Festival – In Five


Nightmare Festival takes over the streets of Camden this weekend with the loud and the ghoulish coming out to play some of the area’s best venues for a day of fun. Boasting over 120 bands playing 13 venues, it’s going to be one huge party. To celebrate such a gathering of souls we asked one of our favourites, Brawlers to talk us through the terrifying music that’s had the biggest influence on them over the years. Prepared to be scared and get into the spirit of things here:

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

Maybe just because the video is terrifying but also that was probably my first foray into IDM and it creeped the shit out of me!

Thy Art Is Murder – Purest Strain of Hate

Maybe the most hateful, crushing metal song ever, jeez it just destroys!

Ralph Stanley – O Death

One of my favourite ever songs but thoroughly stark and absolutely bleak. You can almost hear death in the corner of that recording booth.

Sunn o))) – Fucking Anything!

I saw this band live once and people were collapsing and freaking out, its so loud its almost like a drug. Scary. As. Fuck.

John Carpenter – Theme From Halloween

Imagine walking home alone in the dark listening to this?! No way. Easily one of the scariest movie soundtracks ever. And so rad.


Brawlers play Nightmare Festival on November 1st in Camden. Buy Tickets Here.