Brawlers // In Short

Brawlers 1

Brawlers have a sense of humour, they’re loud, fun and will make you want to dance. Their first single ‘Instagram Famous’ was a perfect example of their tongue-in-cheek, witty lyricism, and quicked garnered them plenty of attention. Signed to the mighty Alcopop Records we’ve invited them to join us on our stage at The Camden Crawl to start our evening with a bang.

Before the show we wanted to get to know the band a little better. Grab yourself some tickets for this weekends CC14 and join us a The Beatrice for some fun.

If I had to describe my music in 3 words, we’d use…

My favourite film ever is…
‘There will be blood’ or ‘the third man’

The most famous person I’ve met it…
That girl from The Kills

The song I hate the most is…
Anything by Suede

The Worst Job I’ve ever had is…
In an abattoir. I swiftly became vegetarian.

If I was in a tribute band it would be an….
Awesome one? Guitar in a Black Sabbath one or sing in a Soundgarden one.

My Favourite word is….

If I had a super power I’d want it to be….
Awesome at skateboarding.

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…
In my mums kitchen

I think you should listen to…
Guitar Wolf

If I could see anyone play live it would be…
Meshuggah or MF DOOM


Live: The Beatrice – Saturday 21st June (Part of The Camden Crawl)