Ahead of their AVA London show at Printworks this weekend, get to know Brame & Hamo In Five…

You’ve probably heard of Belfast born, Berlin based duo Brame & Hamo courtesy of that 2018 anthem ‘Roy Keane’. A certified anthem of the summer, the track’s sun-drenched melodies and nostalgic vibe tugged on heartstrings and lit up dance floors across the festival circuit.

After ‘Roy Keane’ came the Limewire EP which showcased a tougher side with a taste for breaks and techno. Limewire was then followed by Celebrity Impersonator, which RA dubbed as “free of the usual clichés” and further cemented their penchant for productions fit for big rooms at peak time.

As they settle into 2019 Brame and Hamo look to an exciting touring schedule including upcoming shows in Australia, Sonar’s Off Week and closer to home at our beloved Corsica Studios. And this Saturday 16th March, ahead of their show at hometown festival AVA at the beginning of June, Brame & Hamo will play AVA’s London outing at Printworks, the cavernous old printing halls in Canada Water. The duo will be joined on a packed line-up by the likes of Hunee, Or:la, Joy Orbison and Sassy J. Check the full programme below:

Ahead of their Printworks performance, Brame & Hamo have selected five records they’re happy they didn’t miss out on. Whether it’s a more leftfield cut or a B side they didn’t pay attention to at first, check the pair’s In Five below…


Classic example of ignoring the B side here. Originally bought this for the pounding acid trip on the A side – ‘Kangaroo Ground’ – but after we rinsed it ended up properly listening to the B side. It’s a bomb. Rolling chord-y track with some lovely unexpected key changes. Massive energy in this one. Tornado never dies!


This is a massive one. upsammy’s music is nuts. The acid coming in at the start of this track gets us every time. Really really excited to catch her DJ at some point soon.


Embarrassingly we only heard of these guys when they dropped their new album Severance earlier this month on Central Processing Unit. Gorgeous ambient, electro/techno stuff. Two brothers from Cork. Been going through their back catalogue and its all amazing. The opening off their new album Embers is a favourite. Please go and check them out.


Sleep D have graced us with this beautiful trancey electro track as the first release of 2019 on their own label Butter Sessions. We’ve been fans of the label since its birth in 2013. Some elements of the track also remind me of the Big Brother theme song which I’m a massive fan of.


We don’t actually have this record yet but I have rinsed the previews on SoundCloud. We first heard of Anastasia Kristensen when she remixed Special Request’s ‘Tiresias’. Every track on this EP sounds banging and we cant wait to test them out on the dance floor.

Brame & Hamo play AVA London at Printworks on Saturday 16th March.

AVA Festival takes place in Belfast from 31st May to 1st June. Tickets here.