In our second and final Brainchild festival curation, award-winning jazz artist Emma-Jean Thackray tells us who she can’t wait to see perform.

Brainchild is a wonderful world of music, art, poetry and intellectual stimulation that takes place once a year in East Sussex. Join Emma-Jean Thackray as she gives her choice picks and top tips from firm friends and admired artists taking to the stage for this year’s festival.

Tenderness – Vels Trio

Vels Trio do it right every. single. time. Their new EP is a simply perfect record and a great kick off from my fave babes Total Refreshment’s new label. I’m so looking forward to their set at Brainchild; I know it’ll be crazy.

Society – Alice Phoebe Lou

Sublime and with a voice all of her own stands Alice Phoebe Lou. I saw so many people lose their fucking minds when she played at the Brainchild x Homies gig in London recently. I saw at least four girls cry that night. 3 because of Alice’s angelic voice and 1 because she ran out of cigarettes.

Forsaken – Laura Misch

Lush music from a lush person. One of the purest people I’ve ever met, always pushing to reflect all of herself and all of her experiences into her music. A trip to her show at Brainchild is an absolute MUST.

Bani – Susso

I really struggled to pick a Susso song for this playlist because they’re ALL. SO. GOOD. Every time I listen to the Keira album it feels like such a gift. The Susso show is gonna be a Brainchild highlight for sure and I feel so blessed to know them. In fact, going for a play and a hang around one of their houses on Wednesday. How lucky am I!

Cats of Nunshead – Project Karnak

The first time I listened to Project Karnak it was purely because I thought the name was deep… then I realised the band were actually one of the deepest I’d heard in ages. Local boys fucking smashing it. This track is absolutely INSANE. Seriously, go see them or you’re an idiot.

Brainchild takes place from 7-9 July in East Sussex.