Once a year, South East London’s music scene uproots and resettles somewhere between London and Brighton for a big bash called Brainchild. It’s a wonderful world of music, art, poetry and intellectual stimulation.

Not everyone will be familiar with this group of bright young things, however, so we have asked some of them to be your guide to this year’s Brainchild Festival with a curated playlist of their favourite artists.

First up in this two part series is Footshooter, a Brighton based producer and DJ who is well acquainted with this year’s talent.

Brother Portrait – N.S.D

I love every track on his Navigate In: Limbo release from early this year, but this is definitely the tune I always return to. Perfect bus ride soundtrack music, with a smooth edge to the beat and Hadiru’s world-weary rhymes are uplifting rather than feeling like some sort of lamentation at the way things are. Modern soul music. I’m very lucky to be performing a track we have been working on together at Brainchild this year, and his solo set will definitely be worth keeping eyes and ears on.

Kojey Radical – Bambu

I heard this tune when the visuals for it were out on Four to the Floor a few years back. It’s a really striking track, and the video is equally as powerful. I’m really into exploring how other artists combine spoken word with music these days – this track is definitely one of the most cohesive and vibrant of these offerings. I’ll be interested to see what the live set has to offer.

John Coltrane – Naima (4Hero Remix)

I feel like this is cheating slightly, as 4Hero aren’t technically performing at the festival, but you’ll have to allow me this as this is one of my all time favourite tracks that I’ve discovered in the past few years. Such a beautiful rework of a classic. I’m really looking forward to seeing Dego do his thing at the Shack, as well as his talk beforehand. He’s one of the fathers of a scene that’s definitely seeing a big resurgence at the moment, and it’ll be amazing to have his selection in amongst so many young-bloods who were (and are) inspired by his work as a musician and producer.

Ben Hauke – I Kinda Missed It (feat. Joe Armon-Jones)

This tune from Ben’s release on Church has become a staple in my DJ sets recently. That broken groove has me snapping my neck so hard every time, and Joe’s work on the keys ties the beat together so perfectly. I’m really looking forward to Ben’s b2b with Daniel Fitz at the Shack at Brainchild – his selection is always on point.

Vels Trio – Godzilla

The homies Vels Trio are doing magical things at the moment – they’ve been on the scene in Brighton for a few years and are getting recognised in a big way in wider circles now too, which is well deserved. Their sound has matured so beautifully too. Their set at the festival will be stunning – I’m also lucky enough to have the keys player Jack joining me for my live set at the Steez Cafe.

Brainchild takes place from 7-9 July in East Sussex.