A festival is more than just tents and music. It’s a proof of concept that an alternative mode of existence is possible – maybe even preferential – to this one.

And even though I’d never give up my corporate sponsors, single use plastic or status-ordered society, that’s exactly the kind of thing Brainchild will be doing for their sixth Heineken-free, paper-strawed, critical-theory-bashing year!

This fantastic music, art and poetry festival runs 13th-15th July and has just sold its last ticket. Selling out is a thorough vindication of Brainchild’s refreshing take on how real, how green and how fun a festival can be. But don’t take our word for it.

Here to explain why everyone should be excited are 30/70, Australian jazz/RnB collective du jour, propelled to the lineup by their recent release with Peckham’s Rhythm Section.

My Queen Is Angela Davis – Son’s of Kemet

I’ve been into Shabaka Hutchins, following his work from afar since around the release of Wisdom of Elders. Once that record came out I knew that this was someone special doing something unique and interesting with the jazz lineage. When I came across the Sons of Kemet project I was again blown away by the combo of groove, rawness, creativity, and the political messages in the music. I’m really excited to see how this plays out in the live show.

Moments – Noya Rao

They just released a beautiful record on Gondwana, and since being in the UK we’ve been able to meet a couple of the crew and cannot wait to here the vibe live. Beautiful people, beautiful music.

Andwot & Alex Rita

They’re throwing some really great parties around London, playing sick tunes and are really great people. We got to meet them when they came out to Australia and we love their vibe.

Brainchild takes place from 13-15 July near Lewes in East Sussex.