Braids have always held a certain transcendent, spellbinding emotivity within their dreamy, swirling electronica. With their fourth album Shadow Offering out now, the band takes us through a series of behind the scene photos from the making of the album.

Three years in the making, Shadow Offering sees Braids at their most expansive, intimate and raw to date. The attention and consideration afforded to each element within the tracks is tangible throughout as the trio craft soaring, luscious soundscapes that are heart-wrenchingly earnest and imbued with a resplendent warmth. Opening track ‘Here 4 U’ instantly establishes this tender confidence both lyrically and sonically as Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s mellifluous vocals meld with stirring harmonies and effervescent percussion.

“With this album, we wanted to give ourselves time to achieve a higher calibre of artistry and collaboration,” Adrian Tufts says. Across the record Braids demonstrate this greater sense of self-assurance, both musically and personally, and the sounds they explore on Shadow Offering offer a striking textural intricacy. Speaking on the album Standell-Preston says, “There’s more hopefulness in this record than anything else I’ve written. I think the songs are more human, more tangible, more honest.”

Listen to the record here and delve into Braids’ In Photos below.

“I started shooting film on tour back in 2011 when Braids put out our first album, Native Speaker. It has been my preferred format of documenting and capturing moments in my life, and things we’ve done as a band ever since.  These photos were taken during the hot Montreal summer while recording our new album Shadow Offering. Shot in our recording facility “Studio Toute Garnie””

– Austin Tufts (drums, vibes, pianos, electronics)

1. Guitar plays a much more central role on Shadow Offering that on any album since our debut in 2011.  Here, Raphaelle works through some parts ahead of tracking.

2. This is Taylor creating the ambient feedback sound scape in the middle of the song Upheaval II.  We had all the speakers turned way up in the tracking room, and his guitar was feeding back with beautiful melodies.

3. This is more of less how we had the live room set up for the tracking sessions for Shadow Offering.  Finally had enough space to be able to record everyone one in the same room and dig into the live chemistry we have on stage. Raphaelle here is singing through Ocean, a personal favourite on the album. The lyrics hit me hard every time.

4. The one and only photo I have of me during the making of this record.  My parents were in Montreal for a week during the recording sessions and they came by the studio to see what we were up to.  My dad snapped this picture of me while we laid down the bed tracks for “Just Let Me”.

5. Mike Davis (Left) and Chris Walla (Right) at the console.  These two played a big role in how the album sounds.  They are both true masters of their craft.  Chris engineered the record and produced it with us.  We brought Mike Davis into the studio to Mix the final album. So much love for this amazing team.

  1. More feedback! Taylor, shot through the control room window.
  1. Mike Davis running drums through an EMS VCS3 Putney

8.  Chris Walla reading through lyrics on the couch.  Always searching to get deeper into the song’s meaning.

9. Amps! Lots of loud amps.

10. Raphaelle and Chris tracking guitar.  These two really pushed one another into cool territory. Constantly experimenting and breaking the mold on what a guitar part should be or sound like.

11. This whiteboard played a big role in the writing and recording of the record.  We wrote something like 40 songs over the course of two years so keeping track of all the works in progress took a massive whiteboard to get the job done.

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Header image credit: Melissa Gamache