106901Western Vinyl – October 14th

In Deepak Verbera, Spencer Stephenson has shaken the restraints of beats and bars and moved into borderless Kosmische country. Natural sounds feed through artificial filters to manipulate the symbolically familiar (a plucked guitar as birdsong, balletic synth sweeps as colourful plains) into a trip of shifting psych-out. The calming rush of ‘Whose Ghost’ and ‘Ory (Joyous Toil)’s brooding brass dapples the album with mystic light, while spectacle track ‘Burning From The Edges Inward’ is a smoky-eyed vision quest of billowing drones; a balm against the sonic prang-outs that punctuate Deepak Verbera’s second half. The result is a panorama that rewards patience over instant gratification, though listeners craving escalation or a progressive line through these hazy landscapes could be left cold by Stephenson’s meandering path.

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