In May 2013 I was in London for a week producing an electronic record; twiddling with a talk box and Polysix in a fairly fancy studio in East London. It was dusty and warm, every square inch of London seemed to be a building site.

The day I finished the record I met up with Amandah, her sister and her friends and saw The-Dream at KOKO. I was front row, singing every word of every hit, every b-side, every unreleased track at him. I was a nightmare probably — I lost my shit. Freshly inspired by the irresistible cool, endless list of amazing songs (he didn’t even play any of the string of hits he’s written for others), Amandah and I set to work for my last couple of days, before returning to Glasgow. We’d started visiting each other to work on songs earlier in the year, for no particular reason other than it was a lot of fun and it seemed like we were getting through things very quickly, but this visit was to be the seedling of Bossy Love. We tracked existing songs, punching-up demos we’d made and writing from scratch in her sister’s bedroom, which faced directly onto Albion Road. Monitoring on headphones and computer speakers, the tracks were littered with bleed from outside; drills from building sites, the constant stream of busses whirring past and the yells from the old dudes sat outside the social club across the way. We’d eat dinner on the roof and watch the hilarious antics that swirled around the bus stop outside. These free-for-all recordings became our first free mixtape, Holidates that we released that Christmas Day. It was a collage-y, overlapping journal of pieces; field recordings, accidental bleed, samples… recorded all over the place and lovingly mashed together. Since then, Amandah has moved to Glasgow and we started the live band, and built a recording studio where we honed our sound. Our first ‘proper’ album, Me + U has no building site noises.

Told by Bossy Love’s John Baillie Jnr. Photo by Barney The Dog.

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