106396Jagjaguwar – September 30th

“It might be over soon” isn’t what the legions of Bon Iver fanatics, waiting half a decade for this moment, would have wanted to hear as an opening gambit. The ten tracks mesmerisingly capture Bon Iver’s development and journey to this place. King of melancholy Vernon remains but the production value and techniques make the experience this time as mind-bending as it is heart-wrenching. ‘8 (circle)’ is a flawless, awe-inspiring example of this emotional power, while ‘10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄’, with its chunky, industrial rhythm and unsettling vocal stabs and bone-shuddering bass, proves that few can push the boundaries and blend genre with such comfort as Bon Iver. Somewhat unsurprisingly 22, A Million is indeed over far too soon.

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Live: Roundhouse – February 15th & 16th (sold out)