What’s Your Rupture – 11th October

No one is as salty as the seven seas except Bodega, and Jack in Titanic. No one is as perky and as charming and witty except Bodega (maybe Jack in Titanic?). And no one is as shouty in a likeable way except Bodega (although Jack in Titanic gets pretty animated). There are few bands around who pack as much to think about into a few short lyrics too.

Their new EP, Shiny New Model, follows on swiftly from 2018’s album Endless Scroll. It opens with the title track, which itself opens with Dinosaur Jr feels and an automated voice reminding us on the transience and built-in obsolescence of everything and everyone: “You will be replaced by a shiny new model.” Such feel-good melancholy.

Photo by Kirsten Kay Thoen.

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