Blanck Mass – Dumb Flesh // Album Review

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For some of us card-carrying Fuck Buttons fans, Benjamin John Power’s 2012 debut as Blanck Mass felt a little underwhelming. Accomplished as those subtly-frazzled, ambient soundscapes were, we missed both the percussive thrust and the brute aggression of his work with Andy Hung. This follow-up hints that Power himself might have felt the same. Themed around the frailty – and subsequent decay – of the human body, Dumb Flesh is an intensely physical, frequently merciless, listening experience. There’s the gloopy, pitch-shifted ‘Loam’, the ominous, minimal techno of ‘No Lite’, the industrial static of ‘Detritus’. Best of all is ‘Dead Format’, which blazes by in a scorched haze of violently-distorted vocal loops, skull-crushing beats and caustic drones. If, this time round, Power seems determined to overwhelm, we’re willing victims.

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Live: ATP Pop Up – June 11th