In an era where diligent self-promotion is a prerequisite for any emerging artist hoping to build a following, Black Midi’s negligible digital footprint makes them seem like relics from another age. Conversely, their publicity-shy approach seems to be paying off. Despite being reticent to conduct interviews, post on social media or even share their music online, Black Midi are one of the most talked-about new bands of 2018.

To give credit where it’s due, the majority of the buzz surrounding the BRIT School-formed four-piece is thanks to their explosive live shows.

They’re already favourites at Brixton’s new-band hub The Windmill, and have recently supported fellow South Londoners Shame (who reckon they’re “disturbingly brilliant.”) Musically, Black Midi are infinitely more abrasive and experimental than any of their peers south of the river, as is abundantly clear from their debut single.

Produced by Dan Carey, and released via his Speedy Wunderground imprint, ‘bmbmbm’ maps the point where post-hardcore converges with mutant math noise and cerebral indie, and features vocalist Geordie Greep rasping over its doomy crescendos. It’s as fascinating as it is ferocious, and truly marks Black Midi out as a talent to watch. Tell your friends.