Already labelled in various quarters as alternately London’s “most progressive” or, more simply, “best” guitar band, Black Midi are garnering a considerable word-of-mouth following. What’s all the fuss about then? Look online and you won’t find much, but what’s there is immediate and impressive; a few live videos from performances at Brixton’s Windmill and a debut single of sorts entitled ‘bmbmbm’, recorded by Dan Carey and released on his own Speedy Wunderground label. In these glimpses though, as well as at their sets at festivals like EOTR, these precocious teenagers cross the avant-spirit and math rhythms of Bloodsport with the bloodied, feedback- driven gnarl of Girlband. With snarling vocals sitting somewhere between Mark E Smith and Joe Pasquale (yes, him), they already possess a uniqueness and self-assurance that’s envied by bands well beyond London. With another single out in early January and a UK tour to follow, you can be sure their reputation is only going to increase.