We get spooky with Black Lips ahead of their Pit Party show this month.

Right, get ready because our pals at Fluffer Records are throwing the final Fluffer Pit Party of the year and whoa, my god is it a good one. Black Lips? Check. Future of the Left? Check. Madonnatron? Check. Bespoke Stage? Check. Taking over the Coronet in Elephant and Castle it’s going to be one of their biggest shows yet. We got Black Lips to let us in on their favourite scare tracks ahead of the show.

Don’t forget to get your tickets obv.

The Frantic- The werewolf

I picked this one because Halloween is about an hour from now as I’m writing this. Most people would think this was the Ventures, from their incredible Ventures In Space LP, but this was recorded the years prior to the more famous version. Legendary Seattle producer Kearney Barton recorded it, and it’s spooky as hell.

Gary Usher – Driven Insane

Staying with the Halloween theme, this one is pretty dark in the best possible way. I don’t know much about Gary Usher, other than he made really cool music out in California in the early 60’s. I really love songs about mental illness. Which brings me to…

Eddy Noack – Psycho

This song has been covered a lot, and with good reason. I think it’s one of the best country songs ever recorded. Eddy Noack wasn’t a psycho. I think he was a mild mannered Nashville songwriter.

Porter Wagoner – Rubber Room

I love country music, and especially when it gets weird and echo heavy.

Buddy Knox – I think I’m gonna Kill Myself

I don’t know much about this guy, but it’s a really fun and upbeat song about murdering yourself (suicide) He was probably religious, and expecting to go to the afterlife when the song was done, so it’s more of a party vibe because he’s about to go to paradise forever. Unless he was catholic because I think suicide is illegal for them. I could be wrong, I don’t know all the rules.

Black Lips play Fluffer Pit Party on November 24th at The Coronet.