It’ll take you less time to read this than it will to listen to a track by Black Country, New Road. It’ll take you much more time to work out what’s going on in a track by Black Country, New Road than it will to read this and listen to a track by them combined. To save you a few minutes, it definitely involves a scintillating free-for-all of sprechgesang poetry, post-apocalyptic prog-jazz, with snippets of post-rock, post-punk, math-rock, darkwave and grunge. Amongst other things.

The Beat Generation meets Gen Z in a flurry of fragmented screenshots that depict modern life in all its stupefying absurdity. Lead singer, Isaac Wood, bristles with middle-class, middle-Englander, post-millennial disaffection, with that voice you make when you’ve had a few and you ring an ex to ask why they dumped you, or when you’re just looking to start an argument with absolutely anyone about anything.

Photo by Mathew Parri Thomas.

Live: Village Underground on February 4th