The first time I came out to London was five years ago, and it was my first time travelling anywhere at all outside of the United States. So it was definitely a really different experience for me! I’d always seen in films that cars drive on the opposite side of the road, and seeing that first hand seemed crazy to me.

Overall it was just an amazing trip because I was able to meet one of my favourite musicians and rap artists of all time, MF DOOM. I opened from him and Ghostface at a place called The 100 Club, and we met up backstage. ┬áThat sparked a really great relationship, which grew and led to us making NehruvianDOOM together – a lot of that was recorded in London – and has continued beyond that right up until now and my current album. It all stems back from that first trip going out to London.

I definitely have a special, close relationship with both the UK and London. Since the first visit, I’ve been out, like, 5 our 6 times now, I think. One of my favourite things out there for sure is Quavers chips. Americans won’t know what I talking about, but all the UK people will know about them! They’re fire!

I definitely enjoy London, and have never had a bad experience out there at all really. It’s definitely nice vibes, and I’m looking forward to coming back out again later this year and some more in the future too.

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