facebooktwitter“Stop telling everyone you’re gonna make it, just mind ya business and go make it,” tweeted Billie Eilish recently, presumably with a heavy eye-roll too. It’s fitting, not just as a put down of big-talking imposters, but as a summation of the 15-year-old’s precocious work ethic and ambition. Eilish (‘eye-lish’) grabbed the world’s attention with viral-hit ‘ocean eyes’ in 2016, a lilting lullaby with the power to crack the coldest hearts. Naturally, she followed that up with pop-oddity ‘Bellyache’, written from the perspective of a, err, psychopathic killer. Her music is brimming with contrasts and ideas like this, and Eilish serves it with a natural swagger that marks her out as of one of 2018’s boldest young talents. Ignore her at your peril.

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