100399Tough Love/Brace Yourself Records – March 4th

Don’t let the twinkling harmonics of the first five seconds fool you: Before A Million Universes is a record that will have you checking over your shoulder from beginning to end. Shot through with existential dread, Big Ups’ second album simmers with barely-contained rage.
From the opening track that threatens to “let things spill on out” but never quite does, the pounding bass riffs and chugging guitars weigh heavy. The lurking menace of ‘So Much You’ comes with the air of being tied to a chair in a dank basement while a guy from your office is quietly and calmly explaining how he’s about to relieve you of your limbs one by one. This isn’t music to have on low – crank it up, consider your unsatisfactory place in an unsatisfactory society and let loose.

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Live: The Lexington – March 30th