Beverly make the kind of infectious indie-pop it’s hard to get enough of. With their new album of warm, fuzzy and energetic tracks out this week on Kanine Records, they head to the UK to show us how it’s done live with a series of shows. At the heart of it all is Drew Citron, and she’s taken some time to pick out some tracks that inspired The Blue Swell and its inspiring sound.

The Amps – Bragging Party

This is tied with ‘Breaking the Split Screen Barrier’ for best song on the best record. My favorite thing, (above the way the drums, guitars and vocals sound which is flawless), is the fact that there’s a really warm and creative alto harmony the entire song.

Big Star – September Gurls

I got really into Big Star in high school because of the Elliott Smith live cover of ‘Thirteen’ which is arguably better, and certainly more emotionally raw than the original. This song though is the epitome of Big Star, and takes me to a very special time period and place – Ardent Studios in the 70s. Dudes in bellbottoms and blowouts chain-smoking in the live room. And then thinking of all the amazing people that would flock there, like Teenage Fanclub and The Replacements.

George Harrison – Apple Scruffs

“All Things Must Pass” is one of my favorite albums. I bought the record at the Alameda Flea Market in Oakland in high school. I was unwittingly rifling through someone else’s haul, but when he realized this copy had the original George silhouette poster and I had never even heard the album before, he let me buy it. Thanks, guy! This little b-side track is such a gem to me. It’s George’s ode to the die-hard Beatles fans from their first tours. The harmony on the chorus usually makes me cry.

The Chi-Lites – Here I Am

I love dumpster diving for 45s in thrift stores. I’m a true motown and soul junkie. This is a grade A classic and I’m lucky to have it on vinyl.

Ween – Freedom of 76

This song is stone cold ridiculous. We always listen to it when we roll into or past Philly on tour.

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