Bernard + Edith – Jem // Album Review

90874Bella Union – out now

Debut album Jem confirms Nick ‘Bernard’ Delap’s and Greta ‘Edith’ Caroll’s talent for rolling drum beats, inventive melodies and brooding vocals. From the atmospheric beginning of ‘Wurds’ to the chiming tones of ‘Poppy’, the Manchester duo have crafted a record which twists with defiance and breathy beats. On ‘China’ it’s as though they have been let loose in a studio armed only with the question “What does this do?,” so playful and varied is their exploration of the instruments. ‘Rosemary’ is a soporific trippy tune, whilst Nick dabbles with some dazzle on the title track with its shimmering twilight sound. Embellished with delicate sonics, the tunes expand and morph into songs almost spectral and ethereal, drenched in power and experimentalism. The sound is startling and effect beguiling.

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