Belle & Sebastian – Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance // Album Review

88171Matador – January 19th

As if penning his own epitaph, Stuart Murdoch concludes the unfeasibly-infectious elevator music/klezmer-hybrid of ‘The Everlasting Muse’ with the words, “Be popular, play pop and you will win my love.” It’s a knowing wink from a band who remain magnets for melody, even if they’ve become progressively braver with their source material. Eye-openers include the spangly 70s-pop of Dee Dee Penny-duet ‘Play For Today’, the glitter-dusted disco of ‘The Party Line’ and the laser-guided strut of potential Eurovision-winner ‘Enter Sylvia Plath’. Equally, these more outré moments are balanced beautifully by the bittersweet loveliness of ‘Ever Had A Little Faith?’ and lushly-arranged opener ‘Nobody’s Empire’. A gorgeous album of grown-up pop that proves the phrase ‘guilty pleasure’ is the domain of those already dead inside.


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Live: Central Hall Westminster – May 11th