Beirut – No No No // Album Review


4AD – out now

There is something transfixing, captivating and entirely arresting about Beirut. There always has been. The emotion that effortlessly pours from Zach Condon throughout No No No somehow provides joy (earworm, and album, highlight ‘Perth’) and melancholy (the stunning ‘At Once’) in equal measure; an almost unique gift. The brass, one of the ubiquitous elements of Beirut, heightens this sense of feelings throughout, scattering wonderfully to the climax of the record’s title track. This fourth full-length is a tidy, fuss-free thing of beauty, from ‘Gibraltar’’s bouncing percussive opening through ‘August Holland’, with its floating woodwind and string lines and the gently mysterious instrumental ‘As Needed’, to the walking-paced ‘Pacheco’ which tip-toes soporifically towards the finale. No No No is an intelligent, wholly satisfying work from a group increasingly impossible not to love.

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Live: O2 Academy Brixton – September 24th (sold out)