Becca Mancari’s shimmering, swirling dream-pop is at once tinged with melancholy and imbued with a warm vitality. With her new single ‘Lonely Boy’ out today we caught up with the Nashville artist to talk five influential tracks.

Inspired by her dog, ‘Lonely Boy’, the third single from her upcoming new record, sees Mancari reflect on the ways in which anxieties and fear can hold us back from human connection. Accompanied by some incredible, trippy visuals courtesy of Anna Firth, ‘Lonely Boy’ offers a kaleidoscopic melodic menagerie as Mancari’s distinct brand of richly harmonic, lo-fi pop intonations craft a tender and propulsive sonic journey.

Speaking about the track, Mancari expresses, “‘Lonely Boy’ started out as a song about my dog, Abe, who had always struggled with severe anxiety and depression, as a lot of rescue dogs do. And whenever I’d watch him I could see my reflection of those attributes in my own life. I wrote this song way before COVID and social distancing, but I have to believe I’m not the only lonely boy out there, during this time or any time really. If you feel the same, then this song goes out to you. Can’t wait to till we can sing it all together.”

Get to know Becca Mancari In Five…

Piero Piccioni- Mexican Dream

I will never forget driving around Eagle Rock with my producer and friend Zac Farro when we were working on the record there, and this song came on. It floored us, and it kind of became the go-to song throughout the recording process. It brings me right back to those peaceful feelings I had on a sunset night in California, when the world felt a little easier.

The Zombies- The Way I Feel Inside

This was another anchor for me during the making of the record. Whenever I was overthinking things Zac would put on this song, and say, “remember the feeling of this song, the feeling of easiness and honesty.” That’s what we wanted to bring to the record. And also I just love The Zombies in general.

Frank Ocean – Solo

I just think Frank Ocean, can do it all. He is so true to himself as an artist; from his production, his melodies, his lyrics, his openness as a queer man… it’s all there for me. He inspires me in such a deep way.

Nina Simone- If You Knew/ Let It Be Me

I hardly know anyone that can truly convey emotion like Nina Simone could.. It’s almost too painful to listen to, but man, talk about power! That woman had power, and at times that power seemed like it was almost too much for her to bare. She was – and I do not use this word lightly – a true genius in her field. I feel lucky to even listen to her.

Alvvays- Next of Kin

I tried not to listen to a lot of “new” indie music during the process of making my record, but this band and record just nails me. The melodies are so perfect, and the vibe.. it just feels so classic and yet new.

Pre-order ‘The Greatest Part’ – out 26th June via Captured Tracks.

Photo credit: Zac Farro