PAN – February 14th

Unfurling with meditative intricacy, Workaround proffers an infinitely textural, explorative sonic fauna. Illustrating Beatrice Dillon’s creative dexterity and far-reaching inspirations, her debut full-length fully encompasses and demonstrates Dillon’s ingenuity and innovation as an artist.

Whilst Workaround captures the hypnotism of sultry, dusky nights in the club, drawing on the spaciousness of dub and experimental electronica, it’s also an incredibly intimate record, deserving of attentive solitary listening. It’s not surprising that these compositions were inspired by choreographer Rudolf Laban and the abstract drawings of Tommy Abts or Jorinnde Vogt, amongst others, given the innate tangibility to Dillon’s work. Each note feels like a vibrant brushstroke and each beat fabricates the complex architectural structures of her sonic world, and Workaround demonstrates exactly why Dillon’s such a revered musician and DJ.

Photo by Nadine Fraczkowski.

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Live: Somerset House on March 10th