105699Big Scary Monsters – September 23rd

Beach Slang’s power-weepy debut, The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us, delivered fans an achingly earnest, surprisingly profound slice of punk rock in 2015. The record felt like a real passion project, achieving well-deserved recognition after a hard slog for James Alex and co. to find their audience. A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings is the difficult sophomore. Awkward and a little familiar, the choice is made too often to rest on the strengths of previous material. Alex’s lyrics are still nursery-rhyme simple stories of underachieving in life and love, and while tracks like ‘Atom Bomb’ provide hefty thrills the album feels lean on firecracker moments as a whole, and too by-the-numbers for those looking for the deeper pop punk Beach Slang once hinted at.

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Live: Scala – November 8th