Bastille // March 2013

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself, “I just can’t read you.” The musical equivalent is arguably Bastille, a band that no one seems to be able to categorise. They’re an act that people can’t fit into a subgenre or subculture, but why the hell do they need categorising in the first place?! Bronya Francis talks to frontman Dan Smith about that tricky task of categorisation, touring, and hanging out in The Big Smoke.

I certainly noted last year how the media find it hard to define you. Is that still the case?

Yeah probably. I really hate trying to define what the band sounds like, and when I do it always just ends up being a list of sounds that we use or influences. But it was kind of always the point, to not try and be one specific genre, so I’m not really bothered any more if that frustrates anyone.

I read an interview recently about your ambitions to make your live show a real spectacle. Can you reveal anything about that?

I would love to be able to incorporate as many visuals as possible into our live show. We’re a tiny band so we don’t really have the kind of budgets to have them all the time, but when we can we use projections and visuals. There are also strings on a lot of our tracks so when possible I love having our mates come and play strings with us.

You’re touring with Msmr this year, who are awesome. How did that come about?

We’re fans of theirs so we asked them to come along on the first half of the tour with us. For the other half we’re taking out our mates To Kill a King, which should be fun.

What’s your favourite indie record store in the UK?

I really like Banquet records in Kingston – I grew up in South London and that’s somewhere I used to go. We’re actually playing an instore gig there the week our album comes out which will be pretty weird. (Good weird).

Where do you like to hang out in your spare time in London?

Mainly around Brixton or East London. My sister took me to Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey recently and I really like it there.

Which new acts are you into at the moment?

We did a cover of Adamski’s ‘Killer’ on our Other People’s Heartache: Part 2 album and that was massively influenced by the TNGHT EP. I can’t wait to hear new James Blake; it’s nice to hear other people experimenting and trying out different things.

Bastille’s debut album ‘Bad Blood’ comes out on March 4th and he’s Sold Out O2 Shepherds Bush Empire on 28th and 29th of March.