O2 Academy Islington – 14th November 

Under the guidance of J. Cole, Queens, New York rapper Bas has fast become one of the most popular hip-hop artists on the Dreamville roster. Taking his second album Too High To Riot on the road, performing in London at the O2 Academy Islington is a sure sign that Bas has come on leaps and bounds.

After a fresh lineup of talent to warm up the audience, including Dreamville rapper Cozz, Earthgang and UK band The Hics, his show itself was as stripped back as it gets. No fuss, or elaborate sets, just the music.

The rapper came out onto the stage without an introduction or any build up, opened with staple track ‘Penthouse’ from his most recent album, and from there launched straight into fan favourites. Album title track, ‘Too High To Riot’ was one particular high-energy crowd pleaser but its the trippy, mellow ‘Methylone’, which was perhaps the most well received.

Later, he was joined on stage by his support acts. Electronic band The Hics performed ‘Matches’ and ‘Ricochet’, fusing together Bas’ hip-hop vibes with Roxane Dayette’s, silky smooth vocals. Dreamville labelmate Cozz also accompanied Bas for some joint tracks including club banger ‘Tabs’.

Showcasing some of his most popular songs towards the end, Bas barely rapped the verses to ‘Night Job’ leaving the task to his knowledgeable audience before finishing on a high note with the motivational track, ‘Black Owned Business’. A strong set from a performer whose status can only ascend from here. 

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