Lost Map – November 23rd

Post-punk meets art-pop on Instant Nostalgia, as Bas Jan suggests we frequently knacker our own well-being and relationships. We waste time, then say we’ve ‘No Time’. Sentient and sedentary isn’t a good mix, as ‘I Am Animal’ indicates. ‘Profile Picture’ satirises ‘life’-lacking Twitfacers, lusting for likes. And nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. That’s not even a crap play on words anymore. It’s true. We can have ‘Instant Nostalgia’, as the title track states. We record and recall things via digital, not mental images.

Hopefully, you’re reading this in print, but you may read this via a phone. If so – Do you need that phone beside you? Find you’re unable to concentrate? Are you frequently with others, but not really present? Answered ‘yes’ to all three? You need Bas Jan.

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Live: The Victoria on 5th January