19-year-old NYC singer/songwriter Baker Grace revels in self-reflection and demonstrates a deep understanding of the human condition that belies her youth. Her latest single “Up All Night” stirs with emotional resonance as she tries to relate to someone different than herself. Production by fellow NYC based artist Cautious Clay starts with a clear strung acoustic guitar and becomes an instant pop hit

“’Up All Night’ is about how too often we judge people or a group of people without getting the chance to know them,” Grace shares about the song. “Everybody has a story and I think it’s important to take the time to understand each other and become more compassionate, so we can learn, grow, and heal together.”

Hey Baker Grace, how are you today?

Hey! I’m doing well today, keeping busy and staying positive as much as possible. I’ve honestly just been taking things day by day since quarantine started.

How have you found lockdown has impacted your creative process?

I am the most creative when I am in a clear state of mind and can observe my thoughts and emotions without letting them get to me. In the beginning of Quarantine, it was hard to be creative because there was so much unknown and I couldn’t figure out my place in everything going on. As time went by and I adjusted, I was able to use the chaos as inspiration. My piano has been my best friend and I have enjoyed getting back to my roots and writing with just a piano and my voice for a while. I have also been writing a lot of poetry and started a blog to fuel me creatively.

We are loving Up All Night! How did the track come about?

Up All Night was written in a studio in New York City with producer Cautious Clay and writer Scott Harris. I wrote it after I called out a friend for acting arrogant in front of a group of people and immediately regretted it the next day. I realised I wasn’t thinking about how he was feeling and only about how he was making me look. It made me think about how often we judge people without knowing the full story. I needed to learn to be more compassionate and remember that what I can see is only part of a much bigger picture .

Were you a fan of Cautious Clay beforehand?

I didn’t know of Cautious Clay beforehand but after working with him, I fell in love with his music. His song “Cold War” was my absolute anthem for awhile.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

I would describe my music as an indie pop sound over rhythmic melodies and poetic lyrics that always tell a story.

What can we expect next from Baker Grace?

I am releasing my EP Yourz Truly on August 28. It consists of eight songs which include the two recent releases “Bottle of Wine” and “Pops” and this single “Up All Night.” I will continue to adapt to the new circumstances and connect with my fans virtually and come up with interesting ways to perform online. In the meantime, I’ll be writing new music, building my brand, and most importantly, learning and living my life to the fullest, so I’ll have more inspiration to share with the world.

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