Only 140 miles separates Bad Breeding’s hometown of Stevenage to the Simple Things festival in Bristol. On an average day that journey takes approximately two-and-a-half hours by car. Which gives the band plenty of time to listen to tunes or their favourite podcasts on their way to play our London in Stereo stage next Saturday.

But what exactly will they be listening to during their trip to the Simple Things all-dayer? We wondered the same. So we asked frontman Chris Dodd to tell us what the band will likely be tuning into when they’re on the move. And the results were surprising. See below.

More importantly, we’d like to wish them a safe trip and look forward to seeing the four lads once again endangering each other’s health – and yours – during what will surely be another incendiary and sweat-soaked live set. If you remember this summer’s Visions festival, you know exactly what I’m talking about as the band worked themselves into a heady lather of beer and glistening tattoos while kicking out the jams at the Moth Club.

Want more? Then get to Bristol. And crank that stereo up on your way down the M4.

Trapped in the Closet – R Kelly

This usually comes on during the early days when spirits are high and the deep-seated hatred we have for each other is still yet to come to surface. Trapped in the Closet sits somewhere between being a piece of remarkable surrealist art and something your uncle might write on his lunch break at work. Never has the consistent use of an W-major sounded so unwaveringly brilliant, either. I’m pretty sure there’s a study somewhere that compares R Kelly’s rock-opera to the work of John Ashbery and his Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror. I think we were once on the verge of assigning characters to people in the van as a prelude to acting this thing out before rightly deciding against it.

This Heat – This Heat

I play this album to death when travelling. It’s a huge testament to the ingenuity and formative nature of the record that however many times you play it, it always gives you something different back. It’s fascinating listening to the textures and experimentation knowing that they were created by the physical manipulation of tape and other more intimate techniques without the use of modern computer software. The nods to an industrial, machine-led future are terrifying. There’s also some timely anti-war sentiments that creep through before landing properly on Deceit two years later. I don’t believe there is anyone else out there who has been able to capture the notions of fear and anxiety so acutely on an album.

Can’t Cheat Karma/War/Subvert – Zounds

This EP first came out on Crass Records and features three songs all of equal brilliance. To be honest, I don’t know a more catchy anarcho song than Can’t Cheat Karma. And most of the subject matter is still as pertinent today as it was when it was originally released in 1980.

Der Mussolini – Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

My dad’s side of the family are mostly from Germany so I picked up a couple of DAF releases through hand-me-downs over the years. The standout from this album for me is the single, Der Mussolini, which caused a bit of a stir when it first came out because of its difficult lyrics. For me, there’s nothing better than ripping off Boots by getting the most expensive meal-deal options and then eating your spoils to this record somewhere on the M6.

Radiolab (podcast/radio show from WNYC Studios)

Radiolab is our favourite thing to revert to when we’re feeling communal and have an auxiliary cable to hand. Usually hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, the programme explores varying stories relating to philosophy, science and wider human experiences. It’s always incredibly well-researched and often has you debating stuff for hours after it’s finished. The show has some incredible writers and investigators that contribute – including the amazingly talented Molly Webster and Brenna Farrell. There’s a mind-blowing episode called Sight Unseen that we’d recommend. Most of the episodes from Radiolab have had some sort of impact on our relationship while we’re on tour. It’s the thing that keeps us from arguing about the cultural significance of Cool 3-D World.

Bad Breeding play the Simple Things festival in Bristol on Sunday October 22nd