With each element of her crystalline electronica BABii adds intricate detail to the vibrant multi-dimensional realms she fabricates within her music. Augmented further by her multi-disciplinary visual output, BABii’s creations offer a viscerally tangible space to escape into. With her new EP iii out tomorrow, she gives us a photographic snapshot into her world.

A visionary and prolific artist, this new EP comes less than a year after her debut album HiiDE and sees BABii’s glacial, melodic soundscapes fluctuate from buoyant, ethereal delicacy to ominous eeriness reflecting the emotions and experiences she expresses within each track. “‘iii’ is three songs about the proximity of 3 different people in my life.”, she details, “One who I don’t want in my proximity, another who wants me out of there’s and one who I want in mine.”

Across the three tracks the tone shifts to reflect these differing relations, as evidenced by the thorny, bristling menace of ‘SNAKE’, “a vicious ode to a manipulative person caused me, and a lot of people who are close to me, so much emotional pain”, BABii says on the meaning of the track. But, as with much of her music, there is a sense of catharsis and serenity to be found; “making this song helped me heal and purge the poison, so I could move on with my life and fill it with positive things instead”. ‘SNAKE’ is also accompanied by a befittingly brooding and atmospheric video that BABii herself created from concept, set build and styling to directing, producing and editing.


In her owns words, “Here are some pictures that I found on my phone, it feels almost nostalgic looking through them right now, as we are all locked inside dreaming of hugging our friends and sweating on each other at nightclubs.” – enjoy!

This photo is from a festival I played in Russia, called Random Drama. It was the first time I had ever been there, and I was surprised to find out I had some very loving Russian fans. The show was super fun too, it was nice to play my AV on a big LED screen and sit on a huge DJ riser. I felt like a big god! I hope I get to go back again one day.

This is a behind the scene’s photo from a shoot I did in the summer. I did it with my friends my super talented Celia Croft and Gus Sharpe. I think it was the first time I kinda realised my true aesthetic and it really reflected my childhood. I grew up in a big warehouse in Yorkshire, that was full of magical ancient treasure, old scrap and lots of junk. I also spent a lot of time with my dad on the road, where we spent many night sleeping in the back of a lorry, while my dad sold and bought all sorts of wild things. All my clothes were from rag mills, so I always had the strangest outfits too. Since this shoot I have been exploring this world even more.

Last summer I got invited to go on Boiler Room’s Crowdsource with Umru. It was truly a boiling room and I was a giggling freak the whole time. It was crazy fun though. It was also the first time I had the drink magnum, it tasted like Vimto for grown ups. Yum yum.

I recently made a music video with my friends for my new ep. I put loads and load of work into it, and I built the whole set with my bare hands. It’s all located on a magical roadside and I am a motorway urchin that’s secretly evil. Also I got to work with a really old friend of mine called Jack Wells for the first time in ages, and he is the best

Every time I am in London with Iglooghost for any reason whatsoever, we always find ourselves here, in China Town, in Joy Luck. I would go as far to say as it’s an addiction, or some kinda unbreakable tunnel vision. No one can stop us from eating mapo tofu and hot and sour soup in this place. I guess apart from the COVID-19 lock down. We can only dream of Joy Luck right now, but what tasty dreams they are.

My two favourite lads, Iglooghost and my dog Wolf. I love them both so very much. Igloo in the picture is doing a strange magical ritual on the beach near our house. He likes rocks.

I played a show in Southhampton a while ago and I saw this while I was there, I have no idea why it exists but I really like it. Its has ended up inspiring a whole series of things that I have made/making. It looks like a mystical rune made of tarmac.

This is yet another accidental mystical relic that I came across on one of my many dog walks with wolf. I will probably end up making something that looks like this soon lol.

This is a big roadside guardian who keeps us all protected from evil. And on that note, good bye.

iii’ is out tomorrow.