This Wednesday 21st November B.Traits presents Paciphonic, an event set to explore consciousness through ambient and minimalist music.

Paciphonic is a multi-sensory event that explores a higher state of consciousness through a combination of ambient and minimalist music, sound and freuency activations, and gentle group meditation. Joining B.Traits will be Japanese electro-aquatic musician Tomoko Sauvage, 90’s ambient pioneer and sleep science coach Tom Middleton, sound artist & vibrational practitioner Tracie Storey (10Sui), and leading luminaries in the field of healing sound Tim Wheater & Cherub, joined by music virtuoso Aaron Horn. Paciphonic will take place in the newly rediscovered and renovated theatre space at Evolutionary Arts Hackey (EartH) in Dalston. The venue features the first permanent installation of L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound Technology, creating a complete 360 degree auditory experience.

Ahead of the show B.Traits has shared five tracks that have influenced her and the event to give you a little taste of what to expect on the night.

Djrum – Creature Pt. 1

I am such a huge fan of Djrum, he is such a versatile producer and DJ, one moment he’s playing club bangers from electro to jungle, the next he’s releasing this beautiful collection of tracks on his latest album ‘Portrait With Firewood’. Djrum takes it back to his roots in this track, improvising on the piano. This is a perfect record to meditate to because its not super repetitive, it constantly changes and gently builds, engaging you in this intimate, sentimental confession.


Ikue Asazaki – Yoisura Bushi

Ikue Asazaki is a veteran Japanese traditional music singer and Yoisura Bushi is a traditional music in Amami Oshima (a small southern island in Japan). This record is intense and stunning, it is so beautifully sung, the emotion that the artist is feeling is almost tangible, close and familiar.


The KLF – Dream Time in Lake Jackson

This record is from KLF’s album ‘Chill Out’, highly regarded as the best ‘come down’ album of all time. Chill Out was conceived as a continuous piece of music, with original KLF music interwoven with samples from songs by Elvis Presley, Fleetwood Mac, Acker Bilk, Van Halen, 808 State and field recordings of Tuvan throat singers, which you hear in this track ‘Dream Time in Lake Jackson’. KLF had written this album to express the vibe of the UK rave scene, when outdoor raves were becoming popular, people dancing all night in a field and then the sun would come up in the morning and you’d be surrounded by the English real countryside. They wanted to soundtrack that moment with this album. This is one of my personal favourite tracks, like the Ikue Asazaki record, it also has moments of a sublime weirdness, that makes you consider for a moment how that sound or voice was made and why you are so drawn to it.


Peder B Helland – Flying ft. Aura

This is one of my favourite guided meditations for when I can’t fall asleep. We all suffer from hyper-stimulation from time to time, when we can’t quite shut off and fall asleep. It is rare that I enjoy a guided mediation recording because I find myself incredibly sensitive to sound, but Tom Middleton on Executive producer duties here, adds Psychoacoustic treatments and Sleep Science expertise which really is what makes this meditation so effective. Aura’s voice also perfectly delivers the guided journey into calming your mind and helping you drift off into restful and restorative sleep.


Tomoko Sauvage – Clepsydra

Over the past decade Tomoko Sauvage has been working on a “natural synthesizer”, combining water, ceramics, hydrophones (underwater microphones) and electronics. Through primordial elements augmented by technology, enlivened by ritualistic yet playful gestures, Sauvage’s work contemplates, tunes and connects both the material and the immaterial, keeping a fragile balance between hazard and mastery. Her latest album ‘Musique Hydromantique’ alludes to hyromancy, the ancient method of divination by means of water. This track, Clepsydra, I play in nearly all of my ambient sets. Like with ‘Creature Pt. 1’, Clepsydra is not too repetitive, so its perfect to listen to while meditating, you don’t get lost in any rhythm, you simply enjoy each sound as it comes and goes, never judging, just letting the song morph and move in your mind.


Paciphonic takes place this Wednesday 21st November 2018.