Axes – Glory // Album Review

axes gloryBig Scary Monsters – November 3rd

God damn is Glory a fun listen. In a genre occupied with bands striving for technicality; more riffs, more notes, time signatures and tempo changes, Axes grab the formula, mix it up with some pop rocks and coke and lounge by the pool with it, sipping away for 45 minutes of chill-but-not-chill math punk.

Take lead single ‘Junior’. The beats are tight, the riffs crisp, the trills thrilling. This could all be reduced to a tedious exercise in precision and fret-wankery. But in the hands of Axes, with their cultural hodge-podge of Scottish, Iranian, Danish and, er, Essexian membership, all possessing serious musical chops, something unique is produced.

Spare a thought for the minds of these musicians as ‘Plan Americain’ swings in. The mental processes, the sparking synapses required to keep this beast together is a job for an automaton, not some rational, fleshy humans. But then comes the acoustic outro, soulful and warm as a campfire lament, and that chill vibe returns. Each track follows a similar vein, ‘The One’ opening with screaming riffage akin to the warcry of some distant robot army, underscored with a laid-back rhythm section that softens the edges with a finely-calculated swagger.

Glory can be taken at face value – a collection of impressive instrumental rock songs. If counting beats is your bag, Axes have hours of sums for you. Equally, if you’re looking for something fun, something colourful with a touch more euphoria than you’re regular math rock outfit, Glory will be as equally pleasing to your earholes.


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Live: The Islington – November 7th