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Billie Eilish // New Sounds 2018

New Sounds 2018 Billie Eilish is set to make one hell of a splash next year with her sophisticated pop sounds

Sigrid // Live Review

Sigrid's first major headline show in the capital was always going to be a litmus test.

Mura Masa // Interview

Our July cover star, Alex Crossan has stars clamouring for collaborations and the world at his feet.

Cigarettes After Sex // Live Review

Cigarettes After Sex have mastered the art of understatement in an age of overstatement.

Ezra Furman // Live Review

Ezra is very much at a unique intersection between the traditional and the transgressive, and his shows are a home for the strange.

Mykki Blanco // Interview

Woodrow Whyte sits down with one of the most fascinating new stars of today for our September issue cover story

CLAMS CASINO – 32 LEVELS // Album Review

Remember when cloud rap was a thing? If so, you're probably familiar with producer Clams Casino.

Blood Orange // Live

Political overtones build the tension but the rest of the set slinks and slides it's way forward in joyful synchronicity: it's chic af.

Pantha Du Prince – The Triad // Album Review

The Triad is a beautiful record, best enjoyed as a whole; an asterism of mutating beats and twinkling droplets of unfamiliar sounds that maintain a gripping hold throughout

BC Camplight // Live Review

Welcome back, Brian. Please don't leave us again, yeah?

Niki & The Dove – Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now //...

Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now fairs better than its predecessor by taking an emancipatory trip to early-80s Manhattan

Dream Wife // Live Review

It's their strong DIY ethos and killer pop hooks that really hit the sweet spot.

The Spook School – Try To Be Hopeful // Album Review

Ultimately, this record succeeds because of its earnest, uplifting spirit. A reason to be hopeful, indeed.

Ezra Furman // Live Review

The unpredictable, intangible brilliance of Ezra Furman, as demonstrated tonight, is where the beauty lies.

U.S. Girls – Half Free // Album Review

Just as label mates Grimes and St. Vincent broke through on later­-career releases that struck a subversive pop note, Half Free does similar work and deserves to be considered on a equal footing to those stellar records

FTSE – Joyless // Album Review

For all its acerbic political critiques, Joyless has all the depth and focus of a GCSE Politics class run by Just Jack

Le1f // Live Review

He's so spirited and brimming with personality - flitting between coy and frisky, militant and possessed - it's beyond captivating.

Idaho #2 // Live Review

the fun was just being amongst people that want to drink the hours away whilst watching bands.

Son Lux – Bones // Album Review

Bones is an unpredictable and expertly-crafted album by an artist at his peak... at the heart of this record are ornate, beautiful songs with moments that stop you in your tracks

Perfume Genius // Live Review

But when you see Hadreas scream and shake, he’s every bit the superstar weirdo he ought to be.

Kelela // Live Review

The way she floats round the stage, holds a pose, hits every note, it's like she's been sent as gift from a far flung planet to please us mere mortals for just one evening.

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