Tom Hancock


Fidlar // Interview

London will happily play host again when the time comes for FIDLAR to outdo themselves once more.

Yak – No // EP Review

It’s a suitably enthralling ending to the latest attention-grabbing release from a band the pieces of whose puzzle we’re beginning to put together.

Bully // Live Review

Bound by the diminutive Bognanno’s sugar-coated rasp, the Nashville quartet are a potent live force.

Boogarins – Manual // Album Review

Brazilian psych music may not demand much retail space yet, but Boogarins are making damn sure that it demands the utmost respect and praise

Tuff Love – Dregs // EP Review

Dregs is the concise account of a charming new band who are stepping softly into the limelight.

INHEAVEN // Interview

Newcomers INHEAVEN talk to Tom Hancock ahead of their show at Community Festival next week.

Aliment – Silverback // Album Review

Even if you can’t sing along, you’ll be too busy stomping, headbanging and generally losing your shit in the boozy chaos to give a damn.

DIY Neu Tour // Live Review

INHEAVEN and The Big Moon have set the bar high. VANT don’t clear it.

Wavves – V // Album Review

For its countless instant pop-punk hits, V has to be commended – it arguably contains more of them than any other Wavves record.

Wolf Alice // Live Review

That seemingly unbreakable bond is perhaps the most special thing about the band who tonight confirmed themselves once and for all as the most special this country has to offer – a true national treasure.

Made Violent // Live Review

Thanks to Made Violent, garage rock is in safe hands, as alive and well as it’s ever been

Menace Beach – Super Transporterreum // EP Review

We’re still not sure what a transporterreum is, but this ones’ pretty darn super, that much is certain.

Made Violent // Interview

Ahead of their tour with Wolf Alice and Drenge Tom Hancock chats with the force of nature that is Made Violent.

The Wytches – Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve // EP Review

Their willingness to experiment is at least admirable, but there’s nothing spectacular enough here to turn many heads.

Albert Hammond, Jr – Momentary Masters

bringing retro new-wave and modern garage rock styles into perfect harmony, this is a record that traverses musical eras.

Dolomite Minor – Girl Of Gold // EP Review

Dolomite Minor flaunt their musical prowess to the max, mixing it up and keeping intrigue levels high the entire record

The Magic Gang // Live Review

Frontman Jack Kaye might want to switch to contact lenses sooner or later, because he’s going to be playing in the face of ever more exuberant crowds eager to be cast under The Magic Gang’s spell

Fidlar // Live Review

Alert to the youthful crowd’s rampant enthusiasm, the band do their bit to crank things up a notch.

Bully – Feels Like // Album Review

They’ve found their niche and they thrive within it, but such are the quantities of irresistibly sweet pop coating on their refreshing brand of neo-grunge.

The Parrots – Weed For The Parrots // Album Review

The Parrots are blessing our ears with the kind of endearing grit and edginess that will bring this burgeoning Madrid scene to a wider audience still

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