Tom Edwards


Electric Wizard – Time To Die // Album Review

Cryogenically frozen in time their primordial muse may be, but Electric Wizard know what they do well and no one quite matches their dedication to the macabre

Chromeo // Interview

Tom Edwards talks White Women & London's finest hotels with Chromeo

LIZZO // Live Review

it's impossible to decide whether you'd prefer her to be your best friend or your leader.

Speedy Ortiz – Real Hair // EP Review

Equal parts Eric's Trip squall and perfectly scuzzed out pop a la The Amps, 'Real Hair' is tried, true and effortlessly lovable.

New War // Live Review

Their relentless, cyclical basslines and clipped rhythms throb with an obsessive compulsive pulse that's often as hair-raising as it is dance-inducing.

Sebadoh // Live Review

one great folly after another, hurtling maniacally and out of control, threatening disintegration at every turn.

Lorde – Pure Heroin // Album Review

It's splendidly ominous and proof enough there's more to her than the hipster-friendly Lana Del Rey.

Chvrches – The Bones of What You Believe // Album Review

Faced with a level of snowballing hype that would make The 1975 grind their teeth with envy, Glasgow's Chvrches wisely hunkered down and let the melee take its course.

Review // MGMT – MGMT

Columbia/Sony // September 17th Not quite the sales catastrophe their record label had feared, MGMT's self-styled 'anti-commercial' second album 'Congratulations' appears to have emboldened the...

Live Review // Pissed Jeans

Electric Ballroom - 7th July Had Pissed Jeans frontman Matt Kosloff no more than an iPod backing him, he'd have zero problem filling the stage. Perpetually...

Live Review // Ke$ha

O2 Academy Brixton - July 15th More likely to be writhing chaotically over, rather than blurring, the line between the sublime and the ridiculous, Ke$ha...

Review // Washed Out – Paracosm

Weird World // 12th August Clearly harshed out by critics that knocked his languid debut 'Within And Without' for floating in one ear and out...

Review // Deap Vally – Sistronix

Universal Island // Out Now Clutter is a concept that Deap Vally might not even grasp if the spareness of 'Sistrionix' is anything to go...

Review // Spectrals – Sob Story

Spectrals - Sob Story Wichita // June 3rd Spectrals (Louis Jones to his friends) fluttered into shot a couple of years ago boasting an array of...

Review // Hooded Fang – Gravez

Full Time Hobby // May 27th When Toronto's Hooded Fang birthed last year's 'Tosta Mista' album it proved to be a bundle of joy with...

Young Galaxy // April 2013

Fresh from a handful of must-see shows at SXSW festival, Montreal natives Young Galaxy are busy prepping for the release of their fourth album,...

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