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Altın Gün // Live Review

Amsterdam's Altın Gün brought their kaleidoscopic Turkish psych-folk fusion to XOYO on September 11th; we caught their impressive sold-out debut UK show. After their twenty-minute...

Jorja Smith – Lost & Found // Album Review

Her debut album is so utterly flooring vocally, on that merit alone you could argue she deserves the early acclaim.

U.S. Girls // Interview

"I'm not giving up on people. I think they're hungry for meaning and complexity."

Shopping – The Official Body // Album Review

What you'll hopefully hear on The Official Body is a DIY album with massive crossover potential that finds its identity through not trying too hard to give a shit.

Connie Constance // New Sounds 2018

Connie Constance features in our New Sounds of 2017 feature, written by Tim Hakki

Angel Olsen – Phases // Album Review

Coming into Phases having never heard an Angel Olsen hit is difficult, but not impossible.

Ghostpoet – Dark Days & Canapés // Album Review

Fourth album Dark Days & Canapés continues the live band sonics of its predecessor Shedding Skin while sounding like a more realised work.

Haim – Something To Tell You // Album Review

Really, STTY manages to be heavier and lighter than anything they've done.

The Big Moon – Love In The Fourth Dimension // Album...

The Big Moon
Nevertheless, it's brimming with charm, and The Big Moon are certainly one of the most capable new bands making music today

Sheer Mag – Compilation LP // Album Review

On the whole though, Sheer Mag don’t have anything to offer that we haven’t already heard before

Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer // Album Review

Tim Hakki reviews Stormzy Gang Signs and Prayer

Maggie Rogers – Now That The Light Is Fading // EP...

You know Maggie Rogers. I know Maggie Rogers. At some point we’ve all been Maggie Rogers.

Africa Express Presents… – The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians & Guests...

A joyful excursion through the united soundscapes of two distinct musical traditions

New Sounds of 2017 // Skott

Skott features in our New Sounds of 2017 feature.

New Sounds of 2017 // Anna Wise

Anna Wise feature in our New Sounds of 2017 feature.

Monster Rally // Interview

Tim Hakki sits down with Monster Rally's Ted Feighan ahead of his new instrumental hip hop masterpiece, Mystery Coves

The Lemon Twigs – Do Hollywood // Album Review

Resolutely listenable and thrillingly contemporary from start to finish, only the most habitual of cynics will deny The Lemon Twigs have made something interesting

Angel Olsen // Live Review

Angel Olsen
If the crowd’s enraptured silence throughout the set is anything to go by, Olsen should feel very secure in her chosen career path.

Beach Baby – No Mind No Money // Album Review

Beach Baby’s debut suffers from a terminal lack of inspiration as the group trundles inelegantly from one half-baked idea to the next

Knox Brown – Searching // EP Review

Searching is Knox finding his own voice after standout solo track ‘Harry’s Code’. It’s early days but he would do well to avoid being typecast as easy listening.

Bishop Nehru – Magic 19

One of the quirkier and more juvenile hip hop records to have come out recently, but placed against Chance or select works from the Odd Future alumni, it’s actually just totally skippable

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