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Royal Trux – White Stuff // Album Review

Album of the year? Fucked if I know. But, yeah. Maybe.

Julia Holter – Aviary // Album Review

Aviary certainly lands on the more 'out there' end of the spectrum, but don't be surprised if she doesn't stay there for long.

Neneh Cherry – Broken Politics // Album Review

Only her fifth solo LP in a career dating back to the 80s, Broken Politics is exactly the kind of thing our ears need to encounter more regularly.

Low – Double Negative // Album Review

It's demanding music, but it sounds like they needed to make it.

Anna Calvi – Hunter // Album Review

On a record of refinement rather than reinvention, the corners are darker and the brightness more dazzling than before.

Liars – 1/1 OST // Album Review

They've said it's the last we'll hear from them. But then, they are Liars.

Kamasi Washington – Heaven And Earth // Album Review's a second consecutive triumph, and you really should own it. If you don't have any jazz, that's not an issue. The only barrier to enjoying it is not having any soul.

Ought – Room Inside The World // Album Review

In dialling up their idiosyncrasies, they've expanded the very horizons of the genre.

Dream Wife – Dream Wife // Album Review

Dream Wife's opening salvo feels like indie debuts of old; a 34-minute cobweb-clearer with a few middling-to-good songs and a handful of spectacular ones.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Rest // Album Review

On Rest, Gainsbourg flits between singing in French and English, and sounds just as mysterious whatever language she's operating in - even if you only find one of them intelligible.

Destroyer – ken // Album Review

This time, he's apparently digging the Pet Shop Boys and New Order. And man, do I dig how he digs the Pet Shop Boys and New Order.

Liars – TFCF // Album Review

"If you listen you will hear that sound right there in my mind", he sings on highlight "No Tree Branch", and that's what this record sounds like - a trip in to a fascinating, hilarious and disturbing psyche.

JFDR – Brazil // Album Review

But the songwriting is magnificent throughout, and anyone with an interest in forward thinking pop should head to Brazil immediately.

Dirty Projectors – Dirty Projectors // Album Review

Sonically, it's remarkably upbeat, and the arrangements, melodies, mastery of instruments and production are all staggering.

Dirty Projectors – Dirty Projectors // Album Review

Sonically, it's remarkably upbeat, and the arrangements, melodies, mastery of instruments and production are all staggering.

The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody // Album Review

Oczy Mlody goes so much further through the looking glass that we may have lost the band we knew forever

Lambchop – FLOTUS // Album Review

If alt-country is still a thing and Lambchop remain one of its stalwarts, here they stretch the definition so far it’s frankly useless

Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition // Album Review

Like each Danny Brown album, Atrocity Exhibition is less commercial than the last, putting in him in the unique position of being a rapper whose star rises as his crossover potential diminishes

Angel Olsen – My Woman // Album Review

Though an often wistful affair, the feeling on My Woman is not of nostalgia, but of pushing forward

Dinosaur Jr. – Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not //...

There’s slightly more polish to proceedings these days, and Lou Barlow is rightly given room to shine, but for the most part, it’s just a welcome elongation of their heyday

Deerhoof – The Magic // Album Review

The Magic isn’t a landmark release in Deerhoof's canon, but it’s perhaps more coherent than their last few, the sound of a rock band revelling in being the only ones doing whatever it is they do

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