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Marie Naffah // Live Review

She effortlessly illuminates hidden meanings in those dead metaphors and idioms that we’re so overfamiliar with

Little Comets // Interview

We catch up with Little Comets just before the penultimate show of their early 2014 UK tour...

The Mispers // Interview

In the few days between the video debuting and their first show, people had learnt the words of the song and were singing it back to them.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Carry Me // Listen

Strikingly different from the band's last release, for the second time in they career Bombay Bicycle Club take a big risk with the energetic, bounding new single 'Carry Me'.

Young Liar – Why Does Everyone Hate My Boyfriend? // EP...

It takes quite some creativity to tell a story in a lyricless post-rock song, but Young Liar manage it magnificently.

Fanfarlo // Live Review

As a sign of intent the EP launch showed a lush and synthy future for the band - which fans of musical progression can really look forward to.

Younghusband // Live Review

We want imminence, we want immediacy and we want relevance. Thankfully, live, Younghusband deliver all this and more, capturing the focus of this Lexington crowd from start to finish.

Review // Younghusband – Dromes

Sonic Cathedral - September 16th With tantalising vocals, distorted guitars and gentle synthesisers as the musical building blocks, Younghusband’s longplay effort is one of consistent...

Live Review // Latitude

Henham Park - 18th-21st July Tame, middle-class, bucolic; Latitude has seen all these criticisms levelled against it. Overheard conversations on the coach home eked their...

Review // The Dodos – Carrier

Polyvinyl Records // August 27th ‘Carrier' is an album which reveals itself slowly and powerfully. What distinguishes this album from previous efforts is their more...

Live Review // Little Comets

The Borderline - 14/6/13 Before Phil Collins betrayed fans of progressive rock everywhere by steering Genesis from makers of 20 minute synth epics to producers...

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